Pre-Teens and Teens GIRLS

Women safety being a global concern, SAFE has been designed and developed to empower women to deal with all kinds of unsafe situations at all times. It also engages young boys and men to play an active role in this.

Pre-Teens and Teens GIRLS

1. Classroom workshop
2. Tests (physical assessment, emotional maturity and Intuitive Ability tests).

Physical Assessments of all the trainees is done at the Venue. Individual Reports entailing the Flexibility, Endurance and Strength are given at the end of the training.

1. Anatomy of safety.
2. Awareness of unsafe situations.
3. Understanding SELF as Young Teens /Teens - self- esteem, self- awareness, self- identity. Redefining Femininity.
4. Role of Physical Fitness, Emotions and Intuition in self - protection.
5. How to manage emotions.
6. Essential Skills to be safe - Assertive communication, Deep Breathing

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