Safe for Teachers / Management - CEP

Women safety being a global concern, SAFE has been designed and developed to empower women to deal with all kinds of unsafe situations at all times. It also engages young boys and men to play an active role in this.

Safe for Teachers / Management - CEP

Continuous Engagement program (CEP) To ensure that the learning's of the One day SAFE-SAHAYAK trainings are permanent, sustainable and replicable, a30 hour SAFE-SAHAYAK-CEP (Continuous Engagement program) has been developed to train SAFE Coaches for sustainability of SAFE program atinstitution level. The program aims is to create safe environment in Schools / Institutes / Organisation / Village / Bastibyincluding all stakeholders, communityleaders, teachers / students / employees and management.

Stakeholders' Involvement The theme of the SAFE-SAHAYAK-CEP is "we all have a role to play in safety of Girls". The CEP team aims to facilitate Institute management who in turn would enable teachers,non-teaching staff, students, parents and local community leaders to make more informed choices about their lives with special focus on personal safety of girls. The program is tailored in to segments of activities aimed at imparting knowledge, building skills, attitudes and values which are fundamentals for safety to all the stakeholders who have an active role to play in the safety of our girls and women.

Contents of Continuous Engagement Program (CEP).
1. Fundamental Concepts of SAFE-SAHAYAK - Path to Safety - 5As.
2. Types of Harassments
3. Gender and Breaking Stereotypes
4. Redefining Masculinity
5. Relationships
6. Managing Emotions
7. Legal awareness on related laws and implication.
7. Case Study Formulation
8. Artof Asking Questions

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