About Us

Women safety being a global concern, SAFE has been designed and developed to empower women to deal with all kinds of unsafe situations at all times. It also engages young boys and men to play an active role in this.

Sahayak Foundation

Sahayak Foundation is the brain child of a group of committed individuals from diverse backgrounds sharing strong concern for the under-privileged and needy in the society. Synonymous with its meaning - 'Sahayak' means a 'facilitator' - the Sahayak Foundation facilitates development work in association with communities, close cooperation with Governments and other voluntary organizations,educational institutions and corporate houses.

The Foundation has a dedicated team of professionals from diverse fields such as academics, social scientists, management professionals, human right experts, architects and planners, security experts, psychologists, lawyers and others.

Sahayak Foundation was established in May 1995 as a voluntary, nonprofit Trust at Delhi under Registration No. 5212 dated 31 May 1995.


SAFE is founded on the vision and belief that every girl/woman has the right to be safe and is free from fear of abuse and assault.

To continually equip girls / women to protect all aspects of their self- their body, mind and soul,in all unsafe situations.

1. Truth and integrity
2. Passion and dedication
3. Quality through continuous improvement
4. Stands for dignity and self-respect for women
5. Focus on process rather than outcome

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