Women Safety



SAFE is an acronym that stands for Self-protection Awareness & Familiarity Exchange.

SAFE-SAHAYAK is a training program, designed for school/college going girls and boys, and working women and other stake holders to firstly sensitize them on the magnitude of the problem, and secondly to enable them to take charge of their own safety.

SAFE - SAHAYAK is a "self"-protection and not a self-defence program. As Ones "Self" entails body, mind and soul, unlike other women's safety programsbased on combative self-defense, SAFE-SAHAYAK programs have a holistic approach of strengthening the body, emotional and intuitive abilities for one's safety.

Hence, the program does not look at physical safety of the body alone, but also addresses the mind and the feeble guiding voice within (intuition) - all equally crucial to ones safety. Women's safety, as SAFE envisages, is a 'fit body' that is 'strong, flexible and enduring', is 'emotionally mature' and is equipped and trained to trust and use ones 'intuition and discretion'.

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