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The Health Initiatives of the Sahayak Foundation are being carried outin close association with' Premsaagar Trust'at their PremSaagar Healing Centre in New Delhi since 2014.

PremSaagar Healing Centre (PSHC)

Premsaagar Healing Centre is being run by Premsaagar Trust - a group of committed volunteers led by Ms Kanwalpreet Kaur, working towards spiritual evolvement and community services through its clinic.

Located at New Sahibpura, Tilak Nagar, West Delhi, the Centre runs a charitable Clinic established on 14 June 2014. The goal of the Centre is to extend physical and emotional health services to needy people at subsidized rates or free of charge, irrespective of cast or creed. The Centre's Clinic is equipped with required equipment and qualified and experienced Homeopathic doctor and other support staff. The ambience of the clinic is clean, fresh, lively and patient friendly.

Services Offered

The health-care services offered at the Clinic are:


Patients are being treated for a wide range of diseases from respiratory problems, skin problems, joint pains, stomach ailments, urinary problems, gynecology, hair fall, sciatica, ENT, sleeplessness, anxiety, amongst others. Besides, daily homeopathy consultation, SBL medicines are provided at highly subsidized rates. On demand homeopathic ointments, biochemic medicines and homeopathic cosmetics are also made available at subsidized rates.


The Centre in partnership with NABL Certified Pathlabs and Hospitals in West Delhi, has also been providing various diagnostic services like blood tests, ultrasound, X-Ray, CT Scan, MRI, etc at less than 50% market rates.

Free Health Camps

The Centre also organizes free Health Check-up camps on a regular basis, including specialized check-ups. Eleven such camps have already been organized till date with a footfall of 900 patients. A few are highlighted below:
  • » Three Cardio check-up Camps facilitated by Fortis Escorts, Okhla, New Delhi, providing free ECG, BP, Sugar and ECHO tests.
  • » Two Eye Check-up Camps with Bonton Opticians, New Delhi
  • » Ortho Check-up at MGS Hospital, Rohtak Road, Delhi.
  • » Multi-specialty Check-up organized by Lions Club.
  • » Cardio Check up by Kalra Hospital, Kirti Nagar, Delhi.
  • » All body Check up by Mahavira Hospital, Rohini
  • » Free Aromatherapy, Gynecology check and Cancer Consultation (Oncology) through specialist doctors.

In addition, one Outstation Camp had also been organized in a Rural Area of Dhakansu Sahib near Patiala which had a footfall of 100 patients.

Highlights and Achievements

Quality services to patients ensured.
Around 2000 patients benefitted from consultations and treatment through PSHC and health camps with annual average footfall of 1200 patients.
Alternative treatment options, wherever required, suggested by health care providers.
Adequate facilities at Cliniclike reception, waiting area, examination space, medicine counters, washroom etc.
Confidentiality of patient's records, including personal information, fully ensured.
Respect and dignity of patients always safe guarded. Patients accompanied by senior volunteers while taken for specialized consulting/treatment/tests etc.
Regular feedback taken from patients for continued improvement of services at the Centre.

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