1 Year Program

Women safety being a global concern, SAFE has been designed and developed to empower women to deal with all kinds of unsafe situations at all times. It also engages young boys and men to play an active role in this.

Institutionalization of Safe-Sahayak Training Program

Institutionalization means in one year,the Program finds a place in daily timetable of the school to practice the skills taught to achieve Physical Fitness, Emotional Maturity and strong Intuitive capabilities in all students.

In One Year, Sahayak Foundation has been able to successfully initiate the process of institutionalization of Self-Awareness Familiarity and Exchange SAFE program in NGA (Nirmal Ashram DeepmalaPagarani Public School) and NGA (Nirmal Ashram GyanDaan Academy) during academic year 2017 - 2018.

SAFE Sahayak program has been able to bring in systematic level changes within the existing academic programs and policies

  • Safe Mentors
  • Safe Coaches
  • Safe Trainers
  • Safe Champions
IMPLEMENTATION STRUCTURE of 1year Institutionalization

Community - Family / Leaders

Institution - Management / Staff

Active Role Of Men / Boys

The stakeholders of One Year Institutionalization are:

1. Students from Class VI to XI both boys and girls
2. Principal and Teachers
3. Management of the school
4. Parents and Community leaders.

His Holiness JodhMaharajji of Nirmal Ashram, with Principal NDS, Rishikesh, SAFE Mentors and SAFE Coaches at the Award Ceremony of CEP Certificates on 14 Nov 2017 at NDS Rishikesh