Gaurangi Chawla

My name is Gaurangi Chawla.

I am an ex student of Nirmal Ashram Deepmala Public School,Rishikesh.

In the academic year 2018-19, I have secured All India Rank 2nd with 99.6 ℅in CBSE Class 12.

So today I want to express my gratitude towards SAFE ,an foundation which has definitely played a very important role in empowering and leading me or I should say leading each and every student of NDS to the right path of becoming CHANGE BANDE(चंगे बंदे)

I have been associated with SAFE for a complete year. While attending enlightening SAFE workshops,or discharging my duties as a SAFE champion or participating in the SAFE 's play on social awareness as a narrator I have learnt very important life lessons. Apart from physical fitness SAFE has stressed on the fitness of the mind, healthy emotions and role of intuitions in ensuring a woman's safety. And for this,SAFE trained not only the girls but even their male classmates and their parents.

Thankyou SAFE, your role in empowering women is definitely worth appreciating.

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